What this is all about…

Welcome friends, family and any random strangers that happen upon this shiny new blog!

This blog will chronicle my new life as a full-time writer. Well, as a full-time YA aspiring author, I should say–I already am a full-time writer and have been writing speeches, news releases and the like for a few years. It’s just not the kind of writing I had in mind when I was 12 and decided I wanted to be a writer.

And so, starting in the new year, I will have the time and energy to give my writing all the time and dedication it deserves. From honing and perfecting my craft, to querying, to hopefully, getting my first novel to see the light of day. Whether or not that last bit will ever happen, it’s too early to tell. At this point, I can only hope. And work as hard as I can towards it.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving some good vibes behind!


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