And so, it begins…

Hello, Day Three of my freedom!

I still have a hard time believing this is true: I don’t have to get my sorry butt to the draining, soul-choking environment of office work anymore. Instead, I find myself actually excited to face every day! Don’t get me wrong: I’m still not what you’d call a morning person–not even remotely, in fact–but at least I actually see the point of getting out of bed now. It’s amazing what self-motivation can accomplish once it starts to stir inside you.

Thanks to the Twitter feed, we all know this whole following-my-dream experiment thing is a reality now: I did indeed hand in my resignation: December 28 marked my last day of formal employment… December 21, really, since I knew I wouldn’t really be in the office at all the week of Dec. 24-28, what with the stat holidays and some vacation time I had slotted in there since way back in the fall.

I still have moments of paralyzing panic, but over all, I’m doing ok so far–even if I’ve not accomplished what you’d say lots upon lots just yet…. This is, after all, very, very new. The holiday season was the holiday season (i.e., dead on the productivity side), up to and including New Year’s Day. So, that makes today, January 4, only the third day of my new work routine.

But I feel like in a way I am making some progress. Establishing a budding routine, for one thing. I’m still getting out of bed at the same time as Wonderful Husband, and getting my work day started by 9ish. So far, there hasn’t been any actual “writing,” but more some organizational stuff from the business side of things… which is just my incredibly petulant way of referring to updating my research on suitable agents. And bear in mind that I’m only leading off my new life with that because:

a) I do have an existing manuscript in “advanced” draft form. This means it is in “reasonable” shape, and I can probably (hopefully) get it submission-ready in a matter of a few weeks (maybe a month or two) of working full time on the last batch of feedback from my awesome, awesome beta readers.


b) I needed a gentle way to ease into this new-found freedom.

Next on the to-do list?

Pull out said latest draft from its virtual drawer (i.e., its special folder in my computer), and re-read it with fresh eyes, and with the feedback from the Awesome Betas also foremost in my mind. There are problems that need to be solved, sure, which can be a little daunting. But there were also some very neat ideas I’m eager to explore and incorporate.

Above all, I’ve got to keep reminding myself that this is my life now. I don’t need to stress about not having time to focus anymore. I just need to relax and get to work.


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