And puppy makes three…

So… Another false start, I’m afraid…

Well, not so much a “false start,” but more of a “controlled delay.” So… New Year’s day? Wonderful Husband and I met a puppy. We fell in love. We reorganized the first two weeks of January to fit her joining our family… We figured that

a) She just seemed to have the perfect temperament/personality for us


b) It might just be better to start a routine involving pup from the get-go, as opposed to getting on a roll, then getting a puppy and having to rearrange everything to fit her in.

Or so we told ourselves. But really… Who could resist this cutie?


Wonderful Husband managed to take two weeks of “pupternity leave” (i.e., short-notice vacation) and, in a way, so did I! The past couple of weeks have indeed been puppy-focused. This week, Wonderful Husband is back to work…. AND SO AM I! And, yes, having Pup has in fact added some much needed structure to my Freedom Days. She does have her Power Hour/Crazy Flying Monkey Demon moments, but other than that, she’s lovely and pretty mellow and smart. I love sitting at the computer with her snoozing at my feet (she’s a most excellent foot-warmer, I’ll have you know…).

My mornings now incorporate a nice long walk with our baby girl-dog and a little play time and potty breaks here and there, but since thankfully puppies do nap a lot, I have most of the rest of the day to focus on my writing career. Today is Day Four and I have already made lots of progress. Or some, depending on your perspective. In any case, I’ve met my first goal (see previous post): I’ve finished re-reading that latest draft, made my own ton of notes, bearing in mind those from the Fantastic Betas and now… I’m ready to start rewriting. I feel so inspired and happy!

Going back to a manuscript after it’s been in that virtual drawer for a while, is super fun and satisfying. True, it can also have cringe-worthy moments… But that’s ok! Because now said cringe-worthiness is identifiable and, most importantly, FIXABLE! In other words, like most writers will tell you, putting your draft away for a while and not even thinking about it, can be extremely helpful and productive when you get back into it again.All in all, I’d say that, even with the additional two-week delay (and the four-legged addition to our family), things seem to be right on track. Can’t wait to see what the next couple of months bring!


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