A productive bunch of weeks

I realize that this blog has been a bit comatose for about a month now… But with good reason!

You see, since I decided to take the plunge and do the whole all-writing-biz-all-the-time thing, I’ve been… well… Writing (or re-writing anyways). Sure, there’s Pup to look after, but she’s pretty wonderfully mellow most of the time… Well, kind of… Point being, once we’re back from her morning stroll, she’s content to nap for a long while.


So, Gloria’s been getting A LOT done over the past few weeks. Lots of rewriting–from minor fixes, to a few scenes and issues that needed major work.

And I tell ya, I cannot stress how absolutely invaluable it has been to have MONTHS away from the manuscript to start with, then re-read it with fresh eyes. That’s to say nothing of the wonderful notes and questions the betas had. Sure, it can be a bit daunting to tackle the scenes that need major work, or to even step away from it all and think through any big issues or questions that still need to be resolved. But at the end of the day, I know all this work is turning the book into something better.

But the re-writes themselves are not the biggest challenges I’m facing right now. No, no, no…

The Big Problem is I just hit the “I suck” stage. (Hence taking a moment to finally blog about what’s been going on in my Great Writing Adventure…). I know every writer has these moments. Heck, I’m sure every artist does! Still, it’s a bit stressful and depressing. But I’ll struggle past it. It’s not like it’s an unfamiliar foe! Plus, I’ve promised myself and Wonderful Husband I’d have a new draft for him to read by mid-March. Not that he’s asked for it, but he is Prime Beta, so I’ve kind of offered it to him. He won’t hold me to it if I need more time. But I’ll hold myself to it! Somehow, just having that loose deadline looming ahead makes me feel more motivated!

So, Self-deprecation and Insecurity: Get lost!

Two more significant scene re-writes and I’M DONE. (Well, with this next draft anyway…)


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