Feeling accomplished

Back when I started this writing adventure, I said I’d have to give myself a few little personal deadlines to keep me focused… The first was to get the latest draft completed and re-revised by mid-March. Well, I finished it off last Friday, so I’m actually ahead of schedule! Now the latest incarnation of said book baby is in the capable hands (and e-reader) of Prime Beta (a.k.a. Wonderful Husband).

So, the inevitable question is at this point… Now… what?

Part of me just wants to carry on with the story, now that I’ve had the time and chance to get reacquainted with my characters–you know, start notes and rewrites for the second book, and even start developing the conclusion…

Part of me is eager to start the terrifying querying process…

And yet another part of me (a BIG one) is just paralyzed with fear about said querying process.

See, no matter how well I’ve done my research, how many hours I’ve spent agonizing over my query letter and synopsis… I’m really not looking forward to that whole thing.

Is it the fear of rejection?

Uhm… Yeah.

But it’s not the fear of the first rejection–or even of the first ten… It’s the whole… what happens if I don’t even get one ‘yes’? Or what happens if I get one yes and it’s not a good working match?

That whole business side of the writing biz is what terrifies the heck out of me. More than an empty screen/blank page. More than zombies, revenants and North Korea’s nuclear weapon tests.

There’s always Plan B, of course. Gone are the days where self-publishing was riddled with stigma. And it certainly worked for Amanda Hocking, Hugh Howey and Lisa Genova–just to name a few. And there are even those who don’t get a traditional publishing deal out of self-e-publishing, but still manage to make enough out of their e-sales to pay a few bills…

And at the end of the day, that’s all I want: To make a living out of my writing and my imagination. That’s all I’ve ever wanted (other than a Wonderful Husband and a cute puppy… But there’s already check marks next to those items…)

So… ONWARDS… Hmmm…. Business letter to agents? Or rereading and making notes on the second book? Hmmm…. Decisions decisions…


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