The marvels of social media

Since my last update was a bit of a downer, I figured I’d write another post to offset the whine whine whine feel of the blog. (Plus, it’s kinda lame to have a boo-hoo post as a first impression).

So… On the positive, it has been a fantastic 10 months. I’ve had the opportunity to play with my puppy and with my imaginary friends (You know the ones? I believe the politically correct term is ‘fictional characters.’) Now the puppy is dog-size (her brain is still teen-pup-size) and a whole new cast of characters is slowly taking shape in my mind.

I’ve also been recently floored by the power of Twitter. Today, I have 37 followers. I know that for most people, that’s an almost laughable tiny grain of sand in the biggest friggin’ beach on the planet. But consider this: I’ve never met a single one of those 37 followers. When I decided to open a Twitter account, I made a conscious decision to not invite everyone I knew to follow me right away. I have Facebook for that. That’s my personal social media, so I wanted to make Twitter my writing social media.

I have learned a lot in these past few months and, as naive as this may sound, I still marvel that complete strangers have started thinking my tweets, retweets and favourites might be of interest or use to them. For someone who basically joined Twitter initially to lurk, then to watch and learn, 37 followers is just unbelievable. Like hitting 200,000 for someone moderately famous, I guess.

So, there you have it: A positive post–admittedly, not the most fascinating one ever, but still… Not bad for a Monday while I’m in the midst of serious writing/querying ennui.

Oomph, I will recover you yet!


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