Pitch Wars: Thirteen reasons why a mentor should pick ME!!!

1) I’ve been writing since I was 8. My first book was a Cerlox-bound collection of five original fairy tales I two-finger-typed for my mum’s birthday, with illustrations by my dad. I still remember the little volume vividly (it had a red cover), and that it took forever to type. I don’t remember much about the stories themselves, other than they had actual fairies in them. I don’t write about fairies anymore.

2) I’ve loved writing so much for so long, I couldn’t stomach the idea of going to university for anything other than word-play and imaginary worlds. Ergo, I’ve been the proud holder of a BFA in Creative Writing and Theatre for *mumbles* years now. OK. Next!

3) My day-job involved writing and editing in the corporate world. Fascinating stuff. Well, no. Not even remotely, really. Yawn-worthy, in fact. But it paid the bills. And it turned me into a revision-maniac and a big fan of grammar. Also, that’s how I met Wonderful Husband, who’s still a kick-ass corporate writer, alpha reader extraordinaire and eagle-eyed proof-reader.

4) At university writing workshops, I was nicknamed the Queen of Rewrites (yes, my first drafts suck THAT bad. Luckily no one has seen one of those in years and no one will ever again. Not even Wonderful Husband).

5) I’m in the middle of a two-year “Writing Sabbatical.” This pretty much means that the bulk of my time and energy are currently devoted to writing, revising, revising, revising,  rewriting, revising and revising.  Oh, and querying and researching and more revising. It’s substantially more work and more emotionally-charged than any day-job, which means I’m probably insane for having chosen to do this.

6) I write YA because the teen years are the most heart-wrenching, horrific, wonderful and agonizing time of anyone’s life. Every emotion is felt tenfold, which, IMHO, is the basis of all great stories.

7) I write YA with a paranormal and/or speculative twist because I don’t know how to make the mundane sound interesting. (Plus, as a reader, I always pick the book with ghosts or time-traveling over contemporary or realism. So I write the same kind of stuff I tend to gravitate towards as a reader.)

8) I don’t have a TV. I like it that way.

9) I’m generally not a vampire fan, but Buffy the Vampire Slayer is an exception to that rule and a timeless work of pure genius.

10) I’ve been dancing flamenco since the year 2000. It keeps me sane. Except when it doesn’t.

11) I have a puppy and she’s the smartest, cutest, awesomest black Labrador Retriever in the known universe. IMG_0251

(Also, she’s dog-size now, but still manages to almost make me die of cuteness whenever I zero in on those warm brown eyes of hers.)


12) I don’t particularly like talking about myself, but love talking about (with?)  my imaginary friends… erhm…  characters. And with my cute dog-size puppy.

13) Writing is my life and it would be nice to be able to share that with the world someday.

Supplement (by The Lab) —  Another bunch of reasons why you should pick my Mommy:

She gives excellent belly rubs and really knows how to scratch behind my ears.

She’ll stop in the middle of her writing to give me a wonderful warm cuddle just when I’m starting to think I’d like one.

She runs all her plot ideas by me. I think her book is pretty cool, even though it features absolutely no Labs or dogs of any other kind (I’m trying to convince her to change this in her next book, but she’s a little hard to get through to… Humans! Sigh.)

Other awesome potential mentee bios:


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One response to “Pitch Wars: Thirteen reasons why a mentor should pick ME!!!

  1. What a gorgeous puppy! Best of luck with Pitch Wars. 🙂

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